A lot of people find themselves wondering the question do men just want sex? This is something that is both true and false. There are men that are only interested in sex while there are others that are really looking for something more than that. This means that if you are wondering if the guy that you are interested in is only interested in sex that you should find out sooner rather than later, if you want more.


Try to have some conversations with the guy. It is a good idea to keep them away from sex so that you won’t end up making him think about it. You will find that a guy that is only interested in sex is not going to want to waste very much time having any conversations that don’t result in sex shortly after. Conversations are good tests for these kinds of guys.

Go Without

See how long he can go without sex. Don’t see how long you can go without though. This basically means that you should try to go a little bit of time to see how he reacts. If you find yourself beginning to suffer before he does, then you may have found a guy that does want more than sex.

How Far

Try not to go too far when you are testing the guy out. You don’t want him to think that you are not interested. You also don’t need to tell him that you are testing him as this is something that is only going to end up making him upset.